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Automated Guided Vehicle

Vehicles are left on beds in the leaving modules which are gathered from the leaving modules by the AGVs driving underneath the vehicle bed, lifting it, at that point moving it out of the leaving module into the framework.

Puzzle Parking System

In a flat confound framework a network of beds blankets a strong floor, or steel outline, and every bed is bolstered by a lot of rollers and belts that are driven by engines fitted to the help outlines underneath every bed area.

Shuttle Robots

The robot, or bed exchanger, or transport lines, situated on the bus at that point leave or recover a vehicle at the assigned area by moving the vehicle from or to the bus and the parking spot. These bots are self guided and smart.

Tower Parking System

Normally there is a leaving module situated on the ground floor, where the vehicle is turned, the lift straightforward raises to one of the leaving levels of the pinnacle and stores the vehicle sideways into a parking spot.

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Established in 2014, India-based HZTC, spearheaded the advancement of the high-limit, adaptable robotized parking structure. A mechanical leaving framework decreases the space required for vehicles by half and makes more space for plan, advancement and the network. The speed and productivity of the protected innovation makes, just because, open doors for ventures requiring from hundreds up to a few thousand parking spots to benefit from the space-sparing, natural and security advantages of computerized stopping.

Referred to in numerous verticals as an innovator in computerized stopping frameworks and stockroom execution frameworks, HZTC will profit by its current center abilities in distribution center computerization with stopping arrangements.

Our Mission is to be the main provider of mechanized stopping frameworks worldwide through bleeding edge, tried and true gear, administration and client achievement.


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