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In 2015, HZTC was founded by Mr. Dinesh Gupta in NCR suburb city Meerut (Uttar Pradesh). HZTC, not only invests money and thoughts in parking systems but with defence, traffic control and other IOT powered technical concepts which are the needs of today’s world. The formation of such excellent ideas form Hightech zones of technical concepts, AKA HZTC.

Safety and Security with Us

Our parking systems provide users with a comfortable, safe and easy-to-use parking experience. All of our automated parking solutions are designed with safety in mind for both the user and the vehicle. Users no longer have to maneuver through dark parking garages or deserted underground garages.

Parking in a HZTC automated system is stress- and worry-free. Parking and retrieving a vehicle is a simple process with short waiting times. A feeling of safety comes from the well-lit transfer cabin providing a welcoming ambience. In most cases the transfer cabin will also have a surveillance system for increased safety and ease-of mind.

HZTC’s “safety-first” concept also applies to your vehicle. Because of the automated nature of the parking system, potential vehicle damage caused by maneuvering through a parking garage is eliminated. The vehicle storage and retrieval machine automatically stores vehicles with their engines off and are inaccessible to the public, eliminating the worry about scratches, theft and vandalism.

Dependent Stack Parker

The Stack Parker consists of following elements:

  • Steel pillars with base elements are mounted on to the floor.
  • Sliding platforms supported with slides are mounted on the steel pillars. The platform is attached to this sliding platform supports.
  • A mechanical synchronization control system ensures synchronous operation of the sliding platform supports during raising and lowering. A mechanical safety lock prevents accidental descending of the platform from the upper end position.


  • Adjustment to different height possible even after installation.
  • No additional components are required.
  • Constant lifting and lowering speed due to new hydraulic cylinders.
  • System can be delivered with short and long mounting base.

Automated Car Parking 3D Model Meerut - Begum Pul

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